About Us

CNC is a family-run business built on exceptional customer service and quality products. Here’s more about how we got to where we are today..

In the 80’s, retired Louis & Lena were dining at one of their favourite restaurants. Famously warm and outgoing, the couple had become close friends with the chefs of their regular spots. One night, after great conversation with one of the chefs, Louis decided that he would find and supply them with the salmon they were desperately in need of. That’s exactly what he did and so the business was born.

Louis and Lena named the business after their three children, Cyril, Norman and Charlene. In the 90’s, Charlene joined the business to elevate it to new heights. A hard working mother of two, Charlene earned her reputation as a feisty, fearless and fabulous go-getter.  Within a year their product basket had grown along with the customer base. Louis passed on his keys to success to Charlene and as a family, they grew the business on the founding principles of  personalised service, attention to detail and great customer relationships.

32 years on, CNC is an established and trusted name in food distribution. Charlene’s daughter, Kerry-Dale had grown up watching her mom run the company. Inspired by her mother’s hard work and dedication (and because it’s probably in her blood:)), Kerry launched Food Fantasy in 2010, a snack food distribution business supplying the hospitality and retail industries.

Food Fantasy grew rapidly in the years that followed and eventually merged with CNC to offer customers even more variety and convenience at great prices. Today, Charlene and Kerry continue the CNC legacy. Together they are taking the business to new heights on the same founding principles left behind by Louis and Lena.